Sniper Calculator PRO Latest Version APK for Android

Sniper Calculator PRO apk
Sniper Calculator PRO apk

Long range Sniper Calculator. One Shot one Kill. Sniper Calculator PRO is offered by MilSistemika. Last Updated: December 10, 2016. Current Version:

This ballistic Calculator was designed to be a tool for recreational long range shooters, Army Snipers, Police Snipers, Law Enforcement Officers, hunters and others. It helps shooters calculate hold overs and scope settings necessary for accurate long range shots. A log of fired fired shots is kept to make Data On Previous Engagements (DOPE) available for a later review.

Main features:
– G1 – G8 drag calculation functions
– Full external elements used in calculations
– Spin drift and Coriolis effects calculation
– Laser Range Finder (LRF) support
– Truing
– Integrated MIL dot calculator
– Separate click values for Elevation and Windage
– Integrated range estimation tool
– Log Book (DOPE)
– Kestrel Bluetooth integration
– Works in metric or imperial units
– MILDOT USArmy, MILDOT USMC, NightForce MOA reticles

Languages: English, Italian, Polish, Russian.

You can try the free version of Sniper Calculator, before you buy!

You can find out more about our products on our websites:
Company WEB site:
Visit our Facebook page:
PES and PES Server:

What’s New

Recent changes in

– landscape orientation support

– support for WeatherMeter and SkyWatch BLE sensors

– support for separate display of Eötvös effect

– added SMOA (Shooter MOA)

– use of phone environment sensors

– added Bluetooth LRF support

– improved Russian translation

– improved Bluetooth compatibility for older devices

– …

This release is dedicated to Emma Irina Omahen. She will be sorely missed.

Go out and do good in her name.


Sniper Calculator PRO 2017

Sniper Calculator PRO for Android

Download Sniper Calculator PRO for Android

Download Sniper Calculator PRO APK for Android

Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot

Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 0Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 1Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 2Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 3Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 4Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 5Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 6Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 7Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 8Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 9Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 10Sniper Calculator PRO screenshot 11

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