Beastmaker 1000 training PRO Latest Version APK for Android

download Beastmaker 1000 training PRO apk
download Beastmaker 1000 training PRO apk

Help you in your trainings on Beastmaker 1000 or any other hangboard. Beastmaker 1000 training PRO is offered by TankT72. Last Updated: December 09, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.4

BeastMaker 1000 training PRO is an application that will help you to train on a hangboard. The app has implemented a training set only for Beastmaker 1000 but you can successfully use it to train on other hangboards. After all, when the app says: „hang for 7 seconds on hard 4-fingers holds”, it does not matter which hangboard you have. You know where 4-fingers hard pockets are.

Application gives voice commands (of course TextToSpeach data in your android settings should be installed for english or polish language) telling you which exercises you have to do, how long you should rest, how many series etc.

Currently there is only a very limited custom trainings editor but there is a possibility to manually edit a very simple xml file (sd card/BeastMakerPro/traings_custom.xml). In this way you can modify trainings freely. Insert your custom descriptions which will be read aloud just a few seconds before you exercise and additionally you can share them with friends inserting some custom messages ;). For example:
<Exercise Type=”Hang” Description=”Hi Steve. Try to beat me. I managed to do this.” Name=”Pull up and stay with bent arms”>
Duration – duration of the exercise (without rest)
Series – series number
RestBetween – duration of the rest between series
Holds – which holds – first number is a „row” and the second is a „column”. In this case holds are jugs and for example 31 will be easy 4-fingers pitches (on Beastmaker 1000).

The author (me 😉 ) was not hired to write this app. He just climbs and wanted to write an app which fullfills his needs in 100%. The application will be further developed. I will add new functionalities and I will try to make my best to make this app useful for everyone. Now thanks to everyone who will decide to use it :).

Latest Updates


-You can now edit custom training names

-Some changes in custom training editor

-Huge code redesign (you will not see any changes – just the code is different)

-Decreased needed Android API version


-ALPHA version of the very simple and limited trainings editor

-Decreased difficulty of the ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Princess Fiona’ as those levels were to hard in compare to levels below

-Some minor fixes


Beastmaker 1000 training PRO 2017

Beastmaker 1000 training PRO APK

Download Beastmaker 1000 training PRO

Download Beastmaker 1000 training PRO APK

Beastmaker 1000 training PRO for Android

Download Beastmaker 1000 training PRO for Android

Download Beastmaker 1000 training PRO APK for Android

Beastmaker 1000 training PRO 1.2.4 screenshot

Beastmaker 1000 training PRO screenshot 0Beastmaker 1000 training PRO screenshot 1Beastmaker 1000 training PRO screenshot 2Beastmaker 1000 training PRO screenshot 3Beastmaker 1000 training PRO screenshot 4

Beastmaker 1000 training PRO apk video

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