Spengler Cup Davos Latest Version APK for Android

Spengler Cup Davos apk
Spengler Cup Davos apk

The official App of Spengler Cup keeps you up to date and entertained!. Spengler Cup Davos is offered by Fanpictor. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 2.0

The official iPhone App for the Spengler Cup, the annual ice hockey tournament held in Davos, Switzerland.

The Spengler Cup 2016 is the 90th edition of the oldest club tournament in the world. It will be held in Vaillant Arena in Davos from December 26th to 31st 2016.

Key features of this App are:
– The GAME CENTER, where you can follow the updated tournament table and the teams’ standings.
– Keep up to date with the latest NEWS about Spengler Cup.
– In the TEAMS section you find the profiles of all participating teams.
– VISITOR INFORMATION provides information for ticketholders.
– Be part of the incredible LIGHTSHOW and play a round of FANBINGO or the new audience QUIZ during the game breaks in the Vaillant Arena and win great prizes.
– GOAL-SONGS allows you to vote on the song to be played when your favorite team scores a goal.
– SOCIAL HUBS let’s you access Spengler Cup’s social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram).
– In TICKETS you can buy your own ticket for Spengler Cup.
– In the FANSHOP you will find awesome merchandise products and memorabilia.

Install the Spengler Cup App for free and be ready to enjoy the event!

Latest Updates

Updated version for the Spengler Cup 2016! Stay up-to-date with News about the Cup, win tickets and participate in the amazing Lightshow and a new audience Quiz in the stadium!


Spengler Cup Davos 2017

Download Spengler Cup Davos APK

Spengler Cup Davos for Android

Download Spengler Cup Davos for Android

Download Spengler Cup Davos APK for Android

Spengler Cup Davos 2.0 screenshot

Spengler Cup Davos screenshot 0Spengler Cup Davos screenshot 1Spengler Cup Davos screenshot 2Spengler Cup Davos screenshot 3

Detail information: https://goo.gl/jdtxb4

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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