EPP – Pomáhej pohybem Latest Version APK for Android

download EPP – Pomáhej pohybem apk
download EPP – Pomáhej pohybem apk

With the application EPP helping their motion to support a good cause. EPP – Pomáhej pohybem is offered by Nadace ČEZ. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 1.11

With mobile applications EPP from CEZ Group and ČEZ Foundation for helping movement. Whether you’re running a telephone, ride a bike or going for walks, each activity means points for your specific project, which ČEZ Foundation financially supported.

Mobile Applications EPP – Help a movement is a tool that allows users to its own active movement to determine which projects and what amount has CEZ Foundation financially supported.
Application records the movement of the user (eg. Walking, running, cycling, skiing, but also indoor activities like running on a treadmill), and in addition to the usual data about the speed, time, pace and distance also generates points. Ty the user can dedicate one of the projects currently offered by nonprofit organizations, schools or municipalities. If users of the application through its movement accumulates over a given time a certain number of points, CEZ Foundation project to support a forward known amount. Current and already supported projects, including state and target amounts to be malt http://www.pomahejpohybem.cz or http://www.nadacecez.cz

The application can operate as a conventional sporttracker. The application generates and personal performance statistics classified by days, kind of movement etc. To download an application, its use, generating points is of course free data connection application requires only the start time, or when the user wants to devote generated points to one of the projects currently offered. The application is optimized for mobile phones with operating systems Apple iOS since version 7 and Android from version 4.0. Using either anonymous or registration via e-mail or Facebook account.

Attention, after turning to make sure you have turned on movement outdoors (points are generated by the motion under GPS) or interior (points are generated by motion sensors in a mobile phone.)


EPP – Pomáhej pohybem 2017

Download EPP – Pomáhej pohybem for Android

Download EPP – Pomáhej pohybem APK for Android

EPP – Pomáhej pohybem 1.11 screenshot

EPP – Pomáhej pohybem screenshot 0EPP – Pomáhej pohybem screenshot 1EPP – Pomáhej pohybem screenshot 2EPP – Pomáhej pohybem screenshot 3EPP – Pomáhej pohybem screenshot 4

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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