11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App Latest Version APK for Android

11FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App download
11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App download

Football culture: interviews, stories, news and on the award-winning Live Scores. 11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App is offered by 11FREUNDE Verlag GmbH & Co. KG. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 2.4.0

The 11FREUNDE app for football culture informs you daily about things that happen on and off the field. Here you’ll find stories from the ashes and place around the corner from the glittering world of European football leagues. Here you can read interviews with legends and those who want to be there. Here you following our live ticker of real-time reports from the games of the Bundesliga, Champions League and the national team.

The features are:

“It has crackled before the kick off ..” (Hummels)

11FREUNDE is from the beginning always on the ball: enigmatic stories, interviews on the day, humorous observations, sharp comments – here you get daily new reading material, directly from the editors!

“The next game is always the next one.” (Matthias Sammer)

All games from the major leagues in Germany and Europe. This quick messages to all the events and cheer next course.

“Hmmmm, Germany. What else can you compare this team? We call them., The white Spaniards “(Live Scores, Germany-Holland, 15.11.2011)

The 11FREUNDE live ticker is now available on your smartphone. The winning format for all to enjoy traveling times.

“Sometimes I talk too much” (Lothar Matthäus)

Oh, Lothar, but we are happy about it! And because football talk so much, you could fill entire libraries with large 11FREUNDE interviews.

“What is actually counter pressing” (Jens Kirschneck, stumped, October 2011)?

The legendary video evidence there is fresh onto the smartphone. Every Friday you can register here on the advice of Philip Köster and Jens Kirschneck wonder, every Tuesday you see here are two men who pretend they understand football.

Supported Android versions currently: 2.2 or higher.
Supported display resolutions currently: 480 x 800 px (high density (240)) or higher.

Latest Updates

In dieser Version haben wir ein paar kleine Fehler beseitigt, sowie die Möglichkeit geschaffen die Werbung in der App über einen einmaligen In-App-Kauf permanent abzuschalten.


11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App 2017

Download 11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App

Download 11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App APK

11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App for Android

Download 11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App for Android

Download 11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App APK for Android

11FREUNDE – Fußballkultur-App 2.4.0 screenshot

11FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 011FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 111FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 211FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 311FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 411FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 511FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 611FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 711FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 811FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 911FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 1011FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 1111FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 1211FREUNDE - Fußballkultur-App screenshot 13

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/LU1nNV

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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