TgBiancoscudato Latest Version APK for Android

download TgBiancoscudato apk
download TgBiancoscudato apk

Navigate in mobility between news, videos and blog sport Padua. TgBiancoscudato is offered by Last Updated: December 07, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.5

Download this free application TgBiancoscudato. Surf the mobility with your smartphone between news, videos and blog sport Padua. All About Padova Calcio and the Citadel. Review articles and videos Cinematheque. Choose sport or favorite team and sets the news according to your preferences! Share the news and videos with your contacts via Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

NEWS: follow the news on the Padua, the Citadel, then football, basketball, volleyball and other sports padovani!

FILM LIBRARY: watch videos daily products from the sports editor of Telenuovo for TgBiancoscudato!

DIRECT: follow the direct or Telenuovo rivediti replicas stored in film library. Tuttocalcio, Biancoscudati Channel, the special!

COMMENT: comments on the articles, of ‘yours. Rate our video!

BLOG: maximum interaction is offered by Blog Telenuovo, edited by our journalists!

TgBiancoscudato is a real electronic journal, it follows you wherever you want thanks to your smartphone!

Telenuovo there!

Latest Updates

– correzioni e miglioramenti vari


TgBiancoscudato 2017

TgBiancoscudato for Android

Download TgBiancoscudato for Android

Download TgBiancoscudato APK for Android

TgBiancoscudato 1.2.5 screenshot

TgBiancoscudato screenshot 0TgBiancoscudato screenshot 1TgBiancoscudato screenshot 2TgBiancoscudato screenshot 3TgBiancoscudato screenshot 4TgBiancoscudato screenshot 5TgBiancoscudato screenshot 6TgBiancoscudato screenshot 7TgBiancoscudato screenshot 8TgBiancoscudato screenshot 9TgBiancoscudato screenshot 10TgBiancoscudato screenshot 11TgBiancoscudato screenshot 12TgBiancoscudato screenshot 13

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