Hornets Hive Latest Version APK for Android

Hornets Hive download
Hornets Hive download

Official App. All the feeds you need to keep up to date with The Hornets 24:7. Hornets Hive is offered by InCrowd. Last Updated: December 07, 2016. Current Version: 2016.11.29

This is the Watford Football Club app developed in collaboration with English Football League and InCrowd Sports, using a new technology that boosts connectivity within the stadium on matchdays. When the fans arrive at the match, the app connects to other phones that have the app, building a network directly between the phones. Anyone who can get a signal pulls down the latest content to the app, such as breaking news, live scores or Twitter updates, and circulates these updates to other phones. It does not facilitate general Internet access at the stadium – only the updates all fans care about such as the live scores and the current match statistics.

You can control how much of your app data you share, and the battery level at which the app stops working on the “Settings/Preferences” screen.

Please Note: This app requires a companion app called “TribeHive Connect” to work and you will be prompted to install this secondary app once this app is opened.

What’s New

Bug fixes


Hornets Hive 2017

Hornets Hive for Android

Download Hornets Hive for Android

Download Hornets Hive APK for Android

Hornets Hive 2016.11.29 screenshot

Hornets Hive screenshot 0Hornets Hive screenshot 1Hornets Hive screenshot 2Hornets Hive screenshot 3Hornets Hive screenshot 4Hornets Hive screenshot 5Hornets Hive screenshot 6Hornets Hive screenshot 7

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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