HelloCoach. Team Management Latest Version APK for Android

HelloCoach. Team Management apk
HelloCoach. Team Management apk

The best app for your team! HelloCoach makes managing your sport team easy & fun. HelloCoach. Team Management is offered by HelloCoach. Last Updated: December 07, 2016. Current Version: 1.3.21

+++ BRAND NEW UPDATE +++ HelloCoach 1.0 IS OUT NOW +++

Hello Coach is now smarter, faster and prettier than ever before turning the management of your sport team into fun.

Hello Coach helps you to save time managing your sports team: organize events, coordinate meeting locations, see availabilities, track attendances, and much more. Forget your messy WhatsApp group and start organizing your team like a pro.

We have been there many years ourselves: Being a coach of a sports team is time intense and stressful. Week after week you have to remind players and parents about the same things. When is the next game? Where do we meet? Who brings the jerseys? Who hasn’t paid for the last pizza party yet? We think you can use your time as a coach in a better way. That’s why we developed HelloCoach. An app that makes your job as a coach a little easier.

What does HelloCoach do exactly?

• Team calendar: All games, all tournaments, all trainings, all team parties. Every team member has access to all details, times, addresses, meeting points, etc. in one central place.

• Roster management: One click and you invite all the players you need for the next game. On top, you automatically receive the feedback who is available and who is not.

• Automatic reminders: Forget messy WhatsApp groups or email chats. With Hello Coach everyone in your team gets automatically reminded about upcoming events and outstanding RSVPs.

• Match day support: Everyone knows where to meet, when the match starts, what shoes to bring. Simply less work for you on a day when you need to focus on more important stuff.

• Attendance tracking: Who is there, who is missing, who is late (again)? With the click of a button you keep track of how reliable your players truly are. Hello Coach is turning guesses into actual facts.

• Player statistics: Get insights about how often your players showed up for training last month, how often they were injured and how well they trained last week.

• Security: Hello Coach is the place for your team – and your team only. Unlike WhatsApp or Facebook on Hello Coach your privacy is secured, with no outside people having access.

And best comes last: Hello Coach is completely free. So let’s get your team started today!

What’s New

Have you noticed, it’s getting cold outside. So taking your hands out of your pockets becomes an increasingly annoying task. Hence, we updated the way we display your top used locations to make the event creation process even faster. You save time and you can put your hands back into your pockets much faster. You’re welcome 😉


HelloCoach. Team Management 2017

Download HelloCoach. Team Management APK

HelloCoach. Team Management for Android

Download HelloCoach. Team Management for Android

Download HelloCoach. Team Management APK for Android

HelloCoach. Team Management 1.3.21 screenshot

HelloCoach. Team Management screenshot 0HelloCoach. Team Management screenshot 1HelloCoach. Team Management screenshot 2HelloCoach. Team Management screenshot 3HelloCoach. Team Management screenshot 4HelloCoach. Team Management screenshot 5HelloCoach. Team Management screenshot 6

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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