BoatGPS Latest Version APK for Android

download BoatGPS apk
download BoatGPS apk

Extremely simple GPS with No Map mode (long battery) and with GOOGLEMAP. BoatGPS is offered by CCC YOKO. Last Updated: December 07, 2016. Current Version: 4.20

September 27

Made the program into 2 separate parts, one is drawing track, the other is
to receive GPS information in background which runs even the screen is
black. It has better side benefit, the APP runs longer than before.

(New feature)
Share track among group members via internet

GOOGLEMAP integrated.
>Can check old track using GOOGLEMAP.
>Can check the current position on GOOGLEMAP.

Extreme simple GPS just showing the track. You can save the track and ….etc.

It starts drawing your track as soon as the application starts.
Try buttons one by one and will see the usage easily.
Double tapping leads to setting menu.

Other feature :
* Can save the current position
* Can save the track (double tapping)
* Can draw the track which you saved before to compare with today’s track.

Latest Updates


*Changed GPS default setting to 3m/60sec.

*Small bug fix 2


Modified Scale Bar in #1 window



>Speed was always 0, fix it to display speed.

>Turning off the display change setting to GPS 3m/30sec to save battery.


Buttons for Internet related operations caused segmentation fault when phone was not connected to internet. It is modified to say “intenet not connected” instead of segmentation fault


BoatGPS 2017

Download BoatGPS

Download BoatGPS APK

BoatGPS for Android

Download BoatGPS for Android

Download BoatGPS APK for Android

BoatGPS 4.20 screenshot

BoatGPS screenshot 0BoatGPS screenshot 1BoatGPS screenshot 2BoatGPS screenshot 3

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