Sofabold Latest Version APK for Android

Sofabold apk
Sofabold apk is your TV guide to LIVE football, handball and NFL games on your TV. Sofabold is offered by Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version:

Note: Older phones will use Sofa Bold Classic has only one purpose: To provide the best and most complete overview of what comes of the ball on television. Sofa Bold run by passionate fans who want to give other fans the best TV Guide.

Since August 2011, covered thousands of football matches that have been broadcast live on TV – in more than 80 tournaments. In 2013 came both handball and NFL on the side and in 2016 also other sport.

Sofa Bold cooperate with the country’s largest TV providers to ensure the best coverage of live matches. All matches Sofa Bold is confirmed by TV companies. There may be some last minute changes, which Sofa Bold unfortunately have no influence.

All logos belong to their respective clubs, leagues, federations and TV stations. © 2011-2016

Latest Updates

* (Hopefully) fixed crash on older Android versions


Sofabold 2017

Download Sofabold for Android

Download Sofabold APK for Android

Sofabold screenshot

Sofabold screenshot 0Sofabold screenshot 1Sofabold screenshot 2Sofabold screenshot 3Sofabold screenshot 4

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