Sequence Jogging Latest Version APK for Android

Sequence Jogging download
Sequence Jogging download

This kind of training is supposed to be very healthy for your heart/circulation. Sequence Jogging is offered by Peter Matheis. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 2.5.8

First of all, what exactly is sequence walking or running?

As supposed you walk in sequences, alternately walking and running at the rate of approximately 1/3 walking and 2/3 running. This way you can raise your limit of your heart, circulation and shape within one of the sequences and with the second sequence you can ease your pulse.

This kind of training is supposed to be very beneficial and healthy for your heart/circulation.

How are you supposed to split the sequences?
In a soccer field you can run along the longer side and walk along the shorter side. However, this will become boring after a certain time. But to change the walking and running route to a place where distances of the two sequences aren’t measurable it will become difficult to estimate the right division.

That’s why we developed Sjogging.

-Your defined sequences will be observed and a change of sequences will be indicated in terms of acustic, optic and vibration via GPS

-The sequences and workouts will be logged and saved for your statistics.

-There is a half-time-warning sound which will inform you acustically and optically when you are supposed to turn round. Depending on the settings you can choose between time or distance. You can plan to run for example either 1,5 hours or 5 km. After 45 minutes or 2,5 km you will be informed about your halftime with the aim that you will be able to make your way back.

-If so the workout will be recorded in the backround so you can for example listen to music during your exercise.

-The main screen has a key lock. As long as you won’t wear tight jeans (we suppose you won’t during your workout), you can put the cell phone easily in your pocket without the acutal key lock.

– Use a “Polar H7” Heartratesensor to run healthy

– Running without a limitwit the additional mode “free running”


We are looking forward to your rating! In case you rate less than 5 stars we would
appreciate a short notice with the reason. We only can improve our development when we
know what you would like to have improved and what you are missing in our app.

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What’s New

– Broken Forms fixed

– Say Hello to Nicki

– Browse through new equipment with your app


Sequence Jogging 2017

Sequence Jogging for Android

Download Sequence Jogging for Android

Download Sequence Jogging APK for Android

Sequence Jogging 2.5.8 screenshot

Sequence Jogging screenshot 0Sequence Jogging screenshot 1Sequence Jogging screenshot 2Sequence Jogging screenshot 3Sequence Jogging screenshot 4Sequence Jogging screenshot 5

Sequence Jogging apk video

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