Range Buddy Pro Latest Version APK for Android

download Range Buddy Pro apk
download Range Buddy Pro apk

The perfect companion of your range session with Cloud support. Range Buddy Pro is offered by Reloader's Cloud. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 5.5.1

Range Buddy Pro is a mobile app designed for shooting sports enthusiasts,
especially precision rifle shooters and hand loaders. It has all the features of
Range Buddy plus Cloud support:

Upload and store your shooting results to Reloader’s Cloud. You can free up you device storage space and access the records anywhere.

Download your hand loading data. You can have all you hand loading records in you phone before you head to the range.

Choose your hand loading ammunition in equipment setup. The shooting results will be linked with your hand landings

Download your firearm data from Reloader’s Cloud. You can quickly switch firearms in session setup.

To use these features, please go to reloaderscloud.com and create your free account.

Features same as Range Buddy:

Use phone’s camera capture properly scaled target pictures

Allow pick target picture from device picture library

Allow manually set picture reference size

Allow re-analysis target

Allow analyzing and recording multiple groups on the same target

Calculate group size, point of impact by analyzing target picture

Generate analyzed target pictures for record keeping and easy sharing

Record equipment setup along with the target pictures

Record shooting conditions such as temperature, wind condition and GPS locations

Manage the records of shooting results

Share the target picture with email or social media

Requires Android device with Android 4.4 or newer, with a back camera.

Latest Updates

Fix a bug in view shooting results


Range Buddy Pro 2017

Range Buddy Pro for Android

Download Range Buddy Pro for Android

Download Range Buddy Pro APK for Android

Range Buddy Pro 5.5.1 screenshot

Range Buddy Pro screenshot 0Range Buddy Pro screenshot 1Range Buddy Pro screenshot 2Range Buddy Pro screenshot 3Range Buddy Pro screenshot 4Range Buddy Pro screenshot 5Range Buddy Pro screenshot 6Range Buddy Pro screenshot 7Range Buddy Pro screenshot 8Range Buddy Pro screenshot 9Range Buddy Pro screenshot 10Range Buddy Pro screenshot 11Range Buddy Pro screenshot 12Range Buddy Pro screenshot 13Range Buddy Pro screenshot 14Range Buddy Pro screenshot 15Range Buddy Pro screenshot 16

Range Buddy Pro apk video

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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