PROSTART app Latest Version APK for Android

PROSTART app apk
PROSTART app apk

Free app to connect with Prostart PROTRAINING range and more… PROSTART app is offered by PROSTART. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.2

2S TIMING application interfaces with the Protraining 3 timing system made by Prostart. This application automatically downloads the data sent from an originating system (BMX starting system, E-Start for Track&Field, …) and from beam/laser sensors. Coaches and athletes can view, compare, and save the detailed performance of each athlete throughout a sports season.

Only Protraining ranges 2 & 3 are able to interact with this application and the phone, running on Android, must have Android 4.3 minimum.
Only Prostart Starting systems updates after 1 November 2015 have the ability to be controlled by this application. Please contact if you want to upgrade your starting system.

– Connect to PROTRAINING 2/3 wireless timing system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0
– No Wi-Fi or cellular is required
– Your device must support the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0)

1 / Calibration

That tool allows to measure distance from one point to another. It is useful to define a sprint length. You must turn on the GPS in your device to use this tool. Save your distances so that they are saved during your session.

A – Athletes Tab – Create, edit and analyze athlete pages.
B – Groups Tab – Create, edit and organized lists of athletes.
C – Capture Tab – Measuring the performance of athletes
* Click on “No Athlete” to determine the athlete or group to record
* Click on the Bluetooth logo to connect your device to Protraining 2.0 wireless timing system
* Click on the MANU button to launch a start throughout your starting system.
* Click on the bidirectional arrow if one or more athletes are not present in a group.
** Above name = Name of the athlete during measurement or end measurement.
** Under name = Name of the next athlete.
D – Shares Tab – Export in .xls file in order to save and manage better all the measurements.

Thank you for your trust !

Latest Updates

Time results are better managed, giving more accuracy and more comfort to users.

Times are saved even if you’re losting temporary the Bluetooth connectivity.

We have added a landscape mode to display the times bigger.

If you are in the world of BMX Racing, you must have the PROSTART app in your hands!


PROSTART app 2017

Download PROSTART app

Download PROSTART app APK

PROSTART app for Android

Download PROSTART app for Android

Download PROSTART app APK for Android

PROSTART app 2.0.2 screenshot

PROSTART app screenshot 0PROSTART app screenshot 1PROSTART app screenshot 2PROSTART app screenshot 3PROSTART app screenshot 4

Download apk file for your android phone:

Android Sports Apps download


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