TacticalPad Lite – Coach's Whiteboard, Sessions and Drills Planner (2D and 3D)

TacticalPad Lite

Coach's Whiteboard, Sessions and Drills Planner (2D and 3D)

TacticalPad Lite screenshot 0TacticalPad Lite screenshot 1TacticalPad Lite screenshot 2TacticalPad Lite screenshot 3TacticalPad Lite screenshot 4TacticalPad Lite screenshot 5TacticalPad Lite screenshot 6TacticalPad Lite screenshot 7TacticalPad Lite screenshot 8TacticalPad Lite screenshot 9TacticalPad Lite screenshot 10TacticalPad Lite screenshot 11TacticalPad Lite screenshot 12TacticalPad Lite screenshot 13TacticalPad Lite screenshot 14TacticalPad Lite screenshot 15TacticalPad Lite screenshot 16TacticalPad Lite screenshot 17TacticalPad Lite screenshot 18TacticalPad Lite screenshot 19TacticalPad Lite screenshot 20TacticalPad Lite screenshot 21TacticalPad Lite screenshot 22

– Used by the greatest clubs in Brazil, Portugal and Europe.
– More than 500 thousand users
– #1 in Brazil, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Turkey Denmark, etc
– Top 10 in UK (FA), Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.


TacticalPad is the most complete tool for coaches, assistant coaches, performance analyst, journalists and sport enthusiasts.

TacticalPad’s contains hundreds of free downloadable sessions, practices, drills from the greatest coaches and clubs methodologies around the world.

Easy to use, agile, together with Tablets’ and Smartphones’ mobility, TacticalPad is the best option for football professionals to improve their communication, resulting in better understanding in tactical discussions and development of football skills.

TacticalPad targets every football level, from amateur to professional, from youth development to high level. It is a competitive advantage, assisting technical staff to study and surprise opponents.

TacticalPad is not only used by football’s technical staff (couch, assistants, observers, etc), but also by journalists, bloggers, teachers and sport enthusiasts. Because of its high quality graphics, it is widely used to generate content for blogs, social networks, lectures, newspapers, etc.

Check below some features and scenarios that make TacticalPad so powerful:

• Projects with multiple tactical boards

• Animated plays (drill, set-piece)

• 3D visualization

• 3D animation

• Several different football pitches (whiteboards templates)

• Notepad to add description for drills, tactical analysis, etc.

• High quality graphics

• Lots of document templates for you to create your playbook.

• Use it in the bench, pre-game presentations, training sessions, half time talks, daily chats, home, etc. Use it anytime and anywhere by everyone.

• Digital ink support:
– Free drawing
– Lines
– Arrows
– Dashed
– Configurable color and thickness
– Eraser

• Training items

• Export content to:
– Document with images and notes
– Image
– Email

• Supports file sharing

• Project to a TV or projector

• Team roster settings with:
– Names
– Number
– Positions
– Lineups

• Teams and players’ appearances:
– Colors
– Badge
– Jersey style

• Save and load teams

• Settings to show/hide players’ name and number

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/Hx1TlI

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