Free Baseball – Hey Coach! Our free app creates fair fielding lineups for baseball or softball!

Free Baseball

Hey Coach! Our free app creates fair fielding lineups for baseball or softball!

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Hey Coach!

Our free app instantly creates unlimited fair fielding rotations for your youth baseball or softball team.
For 9-15 players, up to 6 innings of play. Just enter your first inning fielding lineup, and get your complete fielding chart automatically, listed by position or by players’ names. Give it a try!

Players who can not safely field at pitcher, catcher or first base can be locked out of those positions.
A “tenth fielder” can be added to the outfield, infield, or as a second pitcher.

Plus, become a member and get great added features:

* access your lineups and player information from your smartphone, tablet, desktop or any web browser;
* save complete contact information for players and parents;
* set “safety lockouts” to keep certain players from being assigned to pitcher, catcher or first base;
* save your fielding lineups and create new lineups instantly, starting from any inning in a saved lineup;
* create lineups using handy drop-down menus with your player names – no more re-typing!
* rotate your fielders every 1, 2 or 3 innings, and rotate your pitchers separately every 1, 2, or 3 inning;.
* option to prevent a player from catching after having pitched, as required in some leagues;
* automatically send email announcements and lineups to your entire team;
* download and save your lineups in Excel so you can change them however you want! (Excel feature from desktop/tablet web browsers only)

Free use without limits. Paid membership is just $9.95 per team for unlimited lineups through April, 2017!

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