Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. Latest Version APK for Android

Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. apk
Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. apk

Relevant, personal, immediate. Communication 2.0 for your sports club!. Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. is offered by Promptus. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 3.0.8

The Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. München was founded in 1888 in Tutzing. The Yacht-Club resides on the beautiful north shores of the Starnberger See belonging to the town of Starnberg. The BYC was named the most sportive Yacht-Club in 1983 as it hosted the most regattas of all German clubs. Many of BYC’s sailors won prestigous races around the world. Today the Bayerischer Yacht-Club counts 840 members. The youth plays an important role in club life, their division is self-organised with a proprietary budget.

The Bayerische Yacht-Club App is a communication app to let the BYC members and guests decide about what, when and where they want to be informed. Bayerischer Yacht-Club App is an easy to use app for all mobile phones which delivers information about activities and events right to the phone of the club’s members and guests. All information is automatically filtered by the personal and individual interests of each recipient. With the BYC App, no important information is lost on its way to the members and guests, and the App ensures all recipients receive only the information they really care about. Also, everything to know about the sports club itself is delivered right to the mobile phone by the BYC App – always up to date and easy to use.

What’s New

New in 3.0.8

• Improved file downloads from external websites


Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. 2017

Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. for Android

Download Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. for Android

Download Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. APK for Android

Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. 3.0.8 screenshot

Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. screenshot 0Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. screenshot 1Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. screenshot 2Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. screenshot 3Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. screenshot 4Bayerischer Yacht-Club e.V. screenshot 5

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