ApneaCountdown Latest Version APK for Android

ApneaCountdown apk
ApneaCountdown apk

Apnea training aid and competition shouter. ApneaCountdown is offered by VT Software AB. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: V4.21

Apnea training aid. Create your training sequences totally freely. Save/Load sequences. Possible to make/edit sequences offline in text editor. Run sequence direct or set official top time. Use for training or warm up. Shouter function. Repeat sequence function. When sequence are running a voice shouter counts down each exercise. If selected a mechanic voice tells you what next exercise are, using TTS. No need for watching the display all the time. Connect to a loud speaker and it can work as a simple starter.

What’s New

App under development..

V4.21 2016-12-05 Added support for startlist. plus some minor bugfixing.

V4.10 2016-11-07 Change som menues. So it should bee easyer to use it as an shouter

V4.0 2015-07-26 New voice Peter Boivie. Sound on checkbox. Select voice …

V3.04 2012-12-28 Changed init TTS, did not work on my S3


ApneaCountdown 2017

ApneaCountdown V4.21 screenshot

ApneaCountdown screenshot 0ApneaCountdown screenshot 1ApneaCountdown screenshot 2

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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