Race-Sailing Latest Version APK for Android

Race-Sailing apk
Race-Sailing apk

Register regatta race boat finish, calculating scoreboard and distribute results. Race-Sailing is offered by Kim Petersen Apps. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: Version

Regatta committee uses the Race-Sailing app for register finish of boats on location – at sea or at land. It is simple way to store series results and calculate ranking results for fleet racing using The Low Point System. Use it for fleets of sail boats, windsurfers, kite surfers, sups or radio controlled (RC) boats. Fleets are divided into classes optionally divisions and results are calculated for each class/division. Deductions are taken into account to make scoreboard.

Results for each competitor can be adjusted.

Share results by sms, email or by uploading race results to the Race-Sailing web site. Set up a smart tv or computer displaying the results on land. This way you can display results to staff, spectators and others quickly and easy and less work for racing committee staff.

Set up
Event name
Configurable classes and divisions
Competitor name and sail number/identification
Import competitor data from csv-file, from Sailwave or other list
Configurable deduction, 0 – 12 deductions, up to 40 series for each class
Possibility of moving competitors from one class or division to another during the regatta
Possibility of adding competitors during an ongoing regatta

Swipe left to register a competitor finishing place
Swipe right to un-register a competitor finishing place
Class with no finished competitors is considered not started
Non-registered competitors get DNF score

Using The Low Point System
Calculated upon request, after each race or change
Adjust results following eye witness accounts or protests
Results by race
Results by class
Results by division
Tie scores handled by rule A8.1 secondarily rule A8.2

Send results via sms/mms or an email to others, eg. to on-land committee office
Upload and share results using Race-Sailing web site

What’s New

New feature Adjust finish:

– On main screen – select Options at upper right corner, when Adjust

– Under Results – select Options at upper right corner, when Adjust.

– Competitor id must be unique within the class only

Fix on Class Results, Adjusting, Competitor Id, Bulk competitor creation and importing


Race-Sailing 2017

Race-Sailing for Android

Download Race-Sailing for Android

Download Race-Sailing APK for Android

Race-Sailing Version screenshot

Race-Sailing screenshot 0Race-Sailing screenshot 1Race-Sailing screenshot 2Race-Sailing screenshot 3Race-Sailing screenshot 4Race-Sailing screenshot 5Race-Sailing screenshot 6Race-Sailing screenshot 7Race-Sailing screenshot 8Race-Sailing screenshot 9Race-Sailing screenshot 10Race-Sailing screenshot 11Race-Sailing screenshot 12Race-Sailing screenshot 13Race-Sailing screenshot 14Race-Sailing screenshot 15Race-Sailing screenshot 16Race-Sailing screenshot 17Race-Sailing screenshot 18Race-Sailing screenshot 19Race-Sailing screenshot 20Race-Sailing screenshot 21Race-Sailing screenshot 22

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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