3D Score Buddy Latest Version APK for Android

3D Score Buddy apk
3D Score Buddy apk

Easy to use scorecard app for 3D archery tournament with function. 3D Score Buddy is offered by Juwei-Apps. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: 1.9.6


With 3DScoreBuddy, the individual shot results of one or more shooters quite easily recorded.


✓ Easy handling: A new event is created in a few seconds;

✓ Easy handling on the go: just a tip to vote necessary 3DScoreBuddy automatically switches to the next shooter and is at the next vote immediately after turning on the smartphones on the spot – no Entsprerren necessary;

✓ New Protect can be added at any time (even within a course run);
✓ If a shooter during a course run out, it can be easily turned off and it must be submitted for this shooter no further shots (null) – the average no longer changes;
✓ Protect rotation activated: at each new destination the next respective contactors in the order is above the last part thereof Sagittarius migrates to the end of the list;
✓ Fully adjustable rating (3-arrow, Hunder, Double Hunter, etc.) with a maximum of 3 arrows in each 3 zones (per event freely adjustable);
✓ tournament: Start peg number and the number of stations can be defined – 3DScoreBuddy begins at the selected station to record and leaves after the last to be shot for the group destination no further shots more (instructions for automatic tournament further below);
✓ history of all previous events with the Summary Protect results at a glance;
✓ GPS track of goals;
✓ Speech in groups: was recorded clear statements which result;
✓ Share the results via Messenger (Whatsapp, threema, email, etc.) or NFC (Near Field Communication) to another device;
✓ wearable support (planned);

Features of the optional Pro version:

✓ Unlimited Protect can be added to an event (a in the free version);

*** The purchase of the Pro version supports the development of 3D Score Buddy ***

Automatic Tournament mode:

✓ In the expanded tournament, all settings are automatically transmitted to the smartphone in selected tournaments based on the tournament and start number, including name of all shooters in the same group, starting stake and number / name of the objectives;
✓ Automatic transfer of income data to a central server for a quick evaluation of the shots;

Required permissions:

* In-app purchases: In order for the optional Pro version to unlock more shooters can be purchased per event. The basic version is but indefinitely and contains no advertising!
* Location: To save the target position (GPS tracking can be turned off in the event settings);
* Photos / Media / Files: Does the Google Maps Plugin to cache the map;
* Camera: Used for scanning QR codes, for example, in online tournament mode on the scorecard, required;
* Network access: to transmit the shot data in tournament to the server;
* Near Field Communication: To transfer an event to another phone via NFC;
* disable hibernation and vibration: for push notifications, for example, Information from the tournament (online mode);

Latest Updates

Version 1.9.6:

✓ Bugfixes in Cloud-Connect Bestenliste (Crash bei Wechsel eines Teilnehmers an letzte Position);

Version 1.9.5:

✓ Bugfix Rundung der Durchschnittsanzeige in der Bestenliste (Cloud-Connect);

Version 1.9.3:

✓ Massive Performanceoptimierung bei einer großen Zahl von gespeicherten Events;

✓ Durchschnitt in der Cloud-Connect Bestenliste;

Version 1.9.2:

✓ Bugfix Cloud-Connect, Absturz im Doppelhunter Modus;


3D Score Buddy 2017

Download 3D Score Buddy APK for Android

3D Score Buddy 1.9.6 screenshot

3D Score Buddy screenshot 03D Score Buddy screenshot 13D Score Buddy screenshot 23D Score Buddy screenshot 33D Score Buddy screenshot 43D Score Buddy screenshot 5

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