legend Samuel Eto’o – Application that traces the footballer's career from its beginnings until today

legend Samuel Eto'o

Application that traces the footballer's career from its beginnings until today

legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 0legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 1legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 2legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 3legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 4legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 5legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 6legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 7legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 8legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 9legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 10legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 11legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 12legend Samuel Eto'o screenshot 13

Discover the exclusive course of a talented footballer: Samuel Eto’o

The application Samuel Eto’o is to illustrate the course of Samuel Eto’o as footballer of
High level which has made its classes in the renowned championships such as
Spanish, Italian, English, Russian and Turkish.

The application presents the athlete’s career from several angles:
A section Biography synthesizing man
A section junior course detailing the clubs that welcomed the Cameroonian footballer
Future nugget of the round ball
A professional career section explaining the professional clubs that Samuel Eto’o made shine
A national team section illustrating the highlights of his career in Cameroon selection with supporting statistics
A track record supporting all the trophies gleaned by the footballer in his career
A section individual distinctions retracing all the rewards of the player throughout his career until today
A record section that presents all the footprints left by the footballer in National Team, Spain and Africa
A last section detailed statistics that just illustrates all the prowess of the footballer since its beginnings
Until November 2016 club after club.

With this application many young Africans will be able to draw inspiration from the career of the hero in order to be able to grow and to nourish the hope of being a high level player
of tomorrow.

It is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Turkish and Italian. Other languages ​​will be incorporated soon …

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/i82v3X


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