Hockey Boxscore – Collects real time hockey game statistics and creates a box score style summary

Hockey Boxscore

Collects real time hockey game statistics and creates a box score style summary

Hockey Boxscore screenshot 0Hockey Boxscore screenshot 1Hockey Boxscore screenshot 2Hockey Boxscore screenshot 3Hockey Boxscore screenshot 4Hockey Boxscore screenshot 5Hockey Boxscore screenshot 6Hockey Boxscore screenshot 7Hockey Boxscore screenshot 8Hockey Boxscore screenshot 9Hockey Boxscore screenshot 10

Using a player grid and adjustable clock control, Hockey Boxscore allows you to collect real time hockey game statistics. Player shifts and other notable events (goals, assists, faceoff wins/losses, shots on goal, hits, blocked shots, penalties, saves, goals allowed) can be recorded at even, power play and penalty kill strength. Shot and save locations can also be tracked.

The app is optimized to works on phone sized devices, and requires no special permissions (optional backup feature requires Google Drive authorization)

Hockey Boxscore is designed to provide you with a high degree of control over how and when events are entered for your team. As the game progresses you can use the clock controls to keep the app in sync with the actual game clock, and use the player grid to track players starting and ending shifts. When your team does something (scores a goal, takes a penalty, etc…) you can use the event buttons to record the event and associate it with a player.

The statistics view can be selected at any time to show an up to date summary of the game.

Please note that the app doesn’t track the other team beyond keeping track of your goalie’s saves and goals allowed. As a result, there are some things that Hockey Boxscore does not do:

• it doesn’t try to anticipate PP/PK situations after penalties
• it doesn’t track two man advantage strength cases
• it doesn’t automatically release players from penalty box
• it doesn’t limit the number of skaters on ice
• it doesn’t capture Fenwick, Corsi, possession, WOWY or any other fancy detail

Detail information and download apk file:


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