AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг – AtletIQ – Mobile coach bodybuilding and fitness for men and women

AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг

AtletIQ – Mobile coach bodybuilding and fitness for men and women

AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 0AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 1AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 2AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 3AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 4AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 5AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 6AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 7AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 8AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 9AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 10AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 11AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 12AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 13AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 14AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 15AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 16AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 17AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 18AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 19AtletIQ — фитнес и бодибилдинг screenshot 20

AtletIQ – a virtual fitness club for men and women, which has everything to create the perfect body and beautiful figure!

Catalog of finished programs fitness training for bodybuilding, weight loss, development of strength and endurance, personal fitness trainers online services, convenient mobile application.

Now you do not have to spend time on preparation of training plan in the gym or at home. Fitness program our virtual rockers are designed in such a way that the exercise was a joy! The load will automatically adjust to your strength potential, so that you are not standing on the ground and can reach their goals faster.

✔ Your personal fitness trainer!

In the virtual fitness club several personal trainers work for you. Instructor Free advise you a suitable fitness program, adjust the training plan. Train ready for a bodybuilding program or order a personalized program for your goals online – right in the app!

✔ Fitness program for the gym

All fitness programs in our virtual rockers are made with regard to the principles of variation and periodization of the load. This means that the training will be more interesting and effective! It does not matter – whether you spend training in the gym, at home or on the street. Each approach is made automatically added to the training diary, and the load is adjusted by how you feel after running.

✔ training programs for a set of muscle mass

Build muscle – no laughing matter – you are required to complete dedication and proper diet. Ready bodybuilding training program for a set of muscle mass already tested by other athletes, use the experience of others!

✔ Strength training at home and in the gym

Training on the force are possible not only in the gym! During weight training the nervous system is loaded with no less than your muscles. If you want to have time to recover, in your schedule strength training should be less than 8 per month. Try effective power program for home workouts and rocking!

✔ Perform cardio endurance training on the Tabata system with music!

Endurance training will help reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat. The drying programs and relief of the average

Cardio workouts are considered the most effective for weight loss, and men and women. interval timer for workouts built into the application does not give you the slope and you will adjust to the next exercise. Such endurance training will bear fruit in a week – you will be easier to breathe, the body will be light and energy.

A variety of home exercises for weight loss are at Tabata workout system (HIIT). Alternation of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for special interval timer will squeeze all the juice out of you and make the extra body fat to melt and boil. In such a cardio workout, a special motivating music. Be sure to try. This is one of AtletIQ chips, which will help you to quickly remove the stomach and hips and cause the muscles in the arms and legs tone.

✔ fitness training programs at home for all muscle groups

Home fitness – it is possible! Use chairs, floors, walls, your own body weight to perform a variety of exercises for weight loss or a set of muscle mass.

diet you do not need exercise equipment in the home daily workout, and weights need not always. Try the program “7 Minute workout», which in its own way is a lightweight form of Tabata training on the system.

Author’s technique training “baker’s dozen” of the house – a proven effective set of exercises with dumbbells for men for all muscle groups (arms, legs, buttocks, back, chest), turning home fitness is now a test of strength!

So it 📍 AtletIQ –

1. virtual fitness club
2. The services of personal trainers online
3. The game system of motivation
4. proven fitness program
5. automated training diary

See more information and download apk file:


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