WakeTips Latest Version APK for Android

download WakeTips apk
download WakeTips apk

Get offline tips, videos & photos for wakeboarders, wakeskaters & wakesurfers!. WakeTips is offered by David Ngiam. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 2.5

WakeTips is the ultimate wakeboarding reference guide that you can take with you wherever you go.

It includes :

– Riding Tips for over 120 different wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing tricks complete with photo sequences and video clips.

– The most comprehensive wakeboard & wakeskate Tricktionary available with more than 170 terms & tricks defined.

– A video library of over 200 slow-motion video trick clips for offline viewing.

– More than 120 different sequence collage shots of various wakeboarding tricks

– An interactive Grab Guide that shows you the names & images of different grabs.

– A collection of wakeboard & wakeskate photography visuals.

– No In-App purchases required! Everything is included for less than the price of a can of Red Bull!

All media files are part of the app, so no internet connection is needed. This means you can take WakeTips with you wherever you go!

This is a BIG APP with all the videos and photos (almost 300MB), so ensure you have enough internal device memory before you install!

WakeTips is presented by Wake.SG…. a website dedicated to all things wakeboarding and wakeskating… check it out!

What’s New

– Added new Trick Videos :

> 313

> HS Method Grab

> HS Shifty Stalefish

> TS FS Mute 720

> HS BS 720

> HS BS Method 180

> HS Stalefish Backroll to Blind

> HS Slob Backroll Mobius

> Crow Mobe 540

> Stalefish Tantrum BS 540

> Wrapped KGB 540

> HS FS 360 Rewind BS 180

> HS BS Mute 540

> HS FS Tuck Knee 720

> HS FS Mute 900

> HS Slob Backroll Mobius

> Frontroll Roastbeef BS 180

> TS BS Cuffed 540

> Whirlybird 540

> Hoochie to Blind

– Added New Sequences :

> Kicker 360 HS FS Melan

> Whirlybird 540


WakeTips APK

Download WakeTips

Download WakeTips APK

WakeTips for Android

Download WakeTips for Android

Download WakeTips APK for Android

WakeTips 2.5 screenshot

WakeTips screenshot 0WakeTips screenshot 1WakeTips screenshot 2WakeTips screenshot 3WakeTips screenshot 4WakeTips screenshot 5WakeTips screenshot 6WakeTips screenshot 7

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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