RaceTime – GPS lap timer Latest Version APK for Android

RaceTime - GPS lap timer apk
RaceTime – GPS lap timer apk

GPS lap timer, tracker and spedometerRecording speed, lean angle and GForce. RaceTime – GPS lap timer is offered by Roberto Morini. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 6.2.5

Racetime is the smartphone app that turns your Android device into a GPS stopwatch to accurately measure your performance on the track.

– Speed
– Trajectory
– Lean angle
– G Force

can be used on any vehicle race : go-kart , minibike, pit bike, MINIGP , motorcycle or car racing … Racetime will record the lap time , maximum speed and lap times. Then, you can observe the evolution of all the runs, the race pace, the fastest lap, the time difference and all that lap by lap and sector by sector. All this features on any track in the world.

During the lap, Racetime display on the screen the most useful information for the rider, visible at a glance: position on the track, speed, the fastest time of the run, the time of the last lap and the previous lap.

With Racetime PRO each run can be analyzed from the point of view of the trajectory on the track and the speed during the ride. Uploading the run on your PRO account you will be able to relive the laps in order to analyze every corner. Your PRO runs can also be shared on Facebook.
And you can also allow your friends or team to follow your lap live on our site!

Racetime well as being a stopwatch is also a GPS tracker to track and share on FaceBook all your tours, by motorcycle, by bicycle, by car etc. And thanks to Racetime PRO you can retrace your ride in real time with the analysis of path and speed instantaneously.
Racetime also offers the possibility to measure the acceleration of the own vehicle even without being inside a Racetime circuit: the app will use GPS information to calculate all times. The time will be clocked from the first movement of the vehicle until reaching the maximum speed.
RaceTime can record speed, trajectory, lean angle and G-Force.

This app allows you to use the GPS technology found on modern smartphones, using them as a lap timer. A big saving if you consider that an average cell phone with built-in GPS has a lower price than a GPS stopwatch!

The added value of this app is the desire to maintain a direct line with the riders: those who use this app can communicate and contact developers directly through the site for advice, suggestions or tracks requests.

If your circuit is not present, you can tell us your track from the site as soon as possible and we will add it to the RaceTime circuits for download it. Referring to the circuit section, you can also see which tracks are available on Racetime all over the world.

This is Racetime, download it now !

Latest Updates

From version 6.2 you can connect and log Rapid Bike data

From version 5.8 you can use LIVE TIMING to share your laps in real time

From version 4.6 RaceTime will measure LEAN ANGLE and G-FORCE.

From version 3.2 RaceTime add to his features TRACKER capabilities. You will transform your smartphone into a GPS Tracker, to analize and share your tours, outside from the circuits.

From version 2.2 RaceTime become PRO and you can analize your run from your PC or tablet and share it on Facebook.


RaceTime – GPS lap timer 2017

RaceTime – GPS lap timer 6.2.5 screenshot

RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 0RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 1RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 2RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 3RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 4RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 5RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 6RaceTime - GPS lap timer screenshot 7

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