Easy Volley Scout LITE Latest Version APK for Android

Easy Volley Scout LITE apk
Easy Volley Scout LITE apk

Application statistical returns in volleyball. Easy Volley Scout LITE is offered by Fortunato Borruto. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 2.4.18

The application was developed to provide a simple tool suitable to scouting for volleyball.

– Recognition by the symbols #, +,!, -, =, /
– Calculation of: Effective coefficient, coefficient of efficiency, coefficient Positivity, Coefficient of Error
– Statistics for each set and for the entire game
– E ‘you can record all sets
– E ‘can set up a database of players available even after you close the application (maximum of 7 players in the LITE version, unlimited in FULL version).
– Players will be evaluated in the different sets are added individually.
– E ‘can add and remove players to be assessed during the course of the set. This is convenient for you to check only the sextet in the field.
– The legend of each assessment is visible by pressing the associated button.
– E ‘can choose to display the absolute results or percentage through the appropriate menu option.
– To adapt the work area to the different dimensions of the device are more options available to adjust the font size.
– Two types of reports are produced: one containing the global view of the game and the other with the details relating to each point of the game (the latter is only available in the PRO version).
– Reports can be exported to xls and html format (only available in the PRO version).
– Saving games (only available in the PRO version).

The application is poorly usable on small devices.

Thank Matthew Marzioli and other users that support the application trying to BETA versions and providing valuable suggestions.

For more information on the application, send suggestions or provide bug note to contact the developer.

Visit the website of the application codeexpert.it/site/easy-volley-scout/

What’s New

– Adeguata la didascalia dei simboli delle rilevazioni nel menu delle impostazioni

– Eliminato il vincolo dei 7 giocatori nella versione LITE

– Rilevazione con i simboli #, +, !, -, =, /

– Calcolo di: Coefficiente di Efficacia, Coefficiente di Efficienza, Coefficiente di Positività, Coefficiente di Errore

– Opzioni grafiche avanzate e scroll della griglia


Easy Volley Scout LITE 2017

Download Easy Volley Scout LITE

Download Easy Volley Scout LITE APK

Easy Volley Scout LITE for Android

Download Easy Volley Scout LITE for Android

Download Easy Volley Scout LITE APK for Android

Easy Volley Scout LITE 2.4.18 screenshot

Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 0Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 1Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 2Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 3Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 4Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 5Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 6Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 7Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 8Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 9Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 10Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 11Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 12Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 13Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 14Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 15Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 16Easy Volley Scout LITE screenshot 17

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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