МАТЧ! КЛУБ Latest Version APK for Android

МАТЧ! КЛУБ download
МАТЧ! КЛУБ download

The application of the "second screen" TV match. Play during the matches! Ether is available in Russia. МАТЧ! КЛУБ is offered by НСТ. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 2.6

Appendix “MATCH! CLUB “- a true companion for sports enthusiasts and fans of the competition. The app allows you to watch sporting events, videopovtory dangerous moments and goals, to make predictions on events, win prizes, to monitor the progress of the competition, as well as receive news and videos from the world of sports.

LIVE “TV Game” in the Annex is carried out free of charge (view available on the territory of the Russian Federation).

In addition, users are given the opportunity to carry out a paid subscription to thematic channels “Match TV” in the package “Maximum” and “Football”, including separately for each channel:

– Our football

– Match! FOOTBALL 1

– Match! Football 2

– Match! FOOTBALL 3

– Match! ARENA

– Match! A GAME


– Match! FIGHTER

The “second screen” app “MATCH! CLUB “provides users with a unique opportunity to test their knowledge and intuition, making forecasts for the events in the games during the online broadcast on the channel.

To test your erudition is possible in sports such as football, hockey, Formula 1 and Boxing.

To do this, you need to install the application “MATCH! CLUB “on your smartphone, write access via social networks, enter the” second screen “section, and select the desired game during the live broadcast on the TV channel” TV match. “

Our editor offering direct interactivity with the game by uploading interesting questions and predictions for the match, you have to watch the broadcast and make a choice.

Every action brings the user to the correct points. Summed score and position reflect the user in the list of rating each match players.

The best players, who took the top places in the ranking, will receive gifts from the “Match TV” or match partners.

In addition, users can share their experiences and emotions of the match in every game chat with other fans and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, the game and what the outcome of the competition.

The application offers tournaments such as the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, the KHL, Formula 1, Battles and more.

For thrills, during each broadcast are made available to the user for viewing videopovtory the most interesting moments of the game, and the historical facts, statistics and other useful information in the tape, allowing players to be as accurate as possible in their actions and projections in the answers to questions.

To test your knowledge now:

+ Download and install the app “MATCH! CLUB “on the smartphone;

+ Register in the app or log in via social networks;

+ Please see “second screen” and choose the game you are interested in;

Start + Select match during his online broadcast on the TV channel “TV Game”, answers questions, makes predictions and participate in polls.

Play and supports your favorite team with the application “MATCH! CLUB”. # BudNaMatche

Latest Updates

В этом обновлении мы приготовили для вас «Ежедневный бонус»! Для его получения вам просто нужно посещать приложение каждый день. Мы также позаботились о том, чтобы бонусы день ото дня были интереснее и привлекательнее!

Кроме того, мы расширили ассортимент собственных смайлов, добавив Новогодние! Теперь любителям общаться в чате будет еще проще выражать свои эмоции, делиться ими с друзьями, одноклубниками и соперниками! С наступающим Новым годом!



МАТЧ! КЛУБ for Android

Download МАТЧ! КЛУБ for Android

Download МАТЧ! КЛУБ APK for Android

МАТЧ! КЛУБ 2.6 screenshot

МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 0МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 1МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 2МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 3МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 4МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 5МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 6МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 7МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 8МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 9МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 10МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 11МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 12МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 13МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 14МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 15МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 16МАТЧ! КЛУБ screenshot 17

МАТЧ! КЛУБ apk video

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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