SPORTSCHAU – Sportschau: News, Videos, Scores and results wherever you go.


Sportschau: News, Videos, Scores and results wherever you go.

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Sportschau: News, Videos, Scores and results wherever you go. The app is completely redesigned and now also optimized for tablets.

Just the sports news app on the smartphone or tablet load and use news, match reports, videos, live streams, Live Scores, Results, and more. The app offers the top stories on the home page news, videos, image galleries, match reports, background details and results and tables for many different sports.

Sports news app – the highlights:
– Top-News as Push
– Gate alarm as Push (Cards and Gambling included)
– Football Scores for 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, DFB Cup, Champions League, Europa League and National Team
– Scores for Formula 1, DTM and other sports
– Wide video-on-demand and Live Stream deal
– Big Profitability Table area (Stenos in football, handball, basketball and hockey)
– Favorites tab: favoring section of the app and quickly access the tab
– Calendar function in the results pane and in “Sports TV”
– “Pull to navigate” function in posts and in the results pane: On the top and bottom of pages, there is the option to the next or previous message or navigate Gameday
– My team: contents of the favorite team as a push, Navigation club logo in the page header
– Search function for each item of Sportschau website
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