Rossignol and PIQ Latest Version APK for Android

download Rossignol and PIQ apk
download Rossignol and PIQ apk

Rossignol and PIQ brings new dimension to the on-snow experience with PIQ sensor. Rossignol and PIQ is offered by PIQ. Last Updated: December 01, 2016. Current Version: 3.0.616

The Rossignol and PIQ mobile app provides unique insights to skiers of all carving lovers, by seamlessly processing thousands of datapoints per second of session.
Thanks to the intelligence that PIQ ROBOT™ brings to the sport, you’ll see exactly what you did right and where you need to improve.

At the tap of a button, get a detailed dashboard with your last session and check how many turns you logged on , your vertical, your max speed…

For each recorded session, get details such as angle, transition times, and G-Force of your turns.

Please note that for speed challenge, you need to activate your GPS. Running GPS in background can drastically reduce your smartphone battery life.

Latest Updates

Hi Rossignol and PIQ community!

Thank you for using PIQ and sharing so many of your ideas with us. We’re continuously working on your Ski experience, here what we’ve done lately:

+ We have updated your session details view, fresher user interface, more data on your best turns

+ support of Italien and German

+ Minor correction

Thank you for reading, you can go skiing now and don’t forget to make sport more exciting!


Rossignol and PIQ 2017

Rossignol and PIQ for Android

Download Rossignol and PIQ for Android

Download Rossignol and PIQ APK for Android

Rossignol and PIQ 3.0.616 screenshot

Rossignol and PIQ screenshot 0Rossignol and PIQ screenshot 1Rossignol and PIQ screenshot 2Rossignol and PIQ screenshot 3Rossignol and PIQ screenshot 4Rossignol and PIQ screenshot 5

Rossignol and PIQ apk video

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