CrowdScores – Live Scores – Download CrowdScores for the fastest live soccer scores.

CrowdScores - Live Scores

Download CrowdScores for the fastest live soccer scores.

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CrowdScores brings you the fastest live soccer scores from leagues, competitions and games around the World as well as fixtures, results, league tables and lineups. Turn on push notifications to receive goal updates straight to your device as soon as they happen!

We cover more than 200 soccer competitions from 117 different countries and cover around 1300 matches on an average week.


• Livescore – Get live soccer scores from all major leagues and competitions including Premier League, La Liga, MLS and Bundesliga
NO ADVERTS – There are no ads whatsoever on CrowdScores
• Push notifications – Instant goal, card, substitution and kick off notifications straight to your device
• Fast – We are typically up to 10 seconds quicker for goal notifications than competitors in major leagues like Premier League and La Liga
• Lineups – Get team lineups as soon as they are announced
• Results – Find out match results from around the World
• Fixtures – Know exactly when your team is playing
• Calendar – Scroll back through historical soccer data and see previous results, goals and stats
• League Tables – Live updating league tables
• Comments – Match chat and discussion with fellow fans
• Cards and Substitutions – Yellow cards, red cards and substitutions from all the biggest leagues
• Share match events – Help CrowdScores improve by sharing match events

We are CrowdScores. Though sometimes we might be referred to as Crowd Scores, CrowdScore or Crowd Score.

Download the CrowdScores app FREE now to start sharing your team’s score and get live soccer match updates, goals, fixtures, results, lineups and league tables.

Contact us:

• Website –
• Twitter – @CrowdScores
• Facebook –
• Google+ –
• Email –

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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