Risultati – Stay in touch with everything you love most sports.


Stay in touch with everything you love most sports.

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Stay in touch with everything you love most sports. With the app you results within reach of a finger results in faster DIRECT at the time, statistics, rankings, and the boards of nearly 30 sports for over 5,000 competitions in the world.

• GREAT COVER: We cover nearly 30 sports and more than 5000 competitions worldwide. Calcium alone we have more than 1000!
• SPEED ‘: Whether it is a goal scored, a red card or the end of a time or a set you’ll come to know in the exact same this public moment.

• TEAMS, GAMES AND COMPETITIONS PREFERRED: Do not waste time and follow only the games that interest you, or the teams and competitions you prefer.
• NOTIFICATION AND WARNINGS: results, information on training, red cards … you do not lose anything. Select your games and your phone will keep you up to date.
• REMAINS SYNCHRONIZED: Steps often from computer to phone to the tablet? We have been preparing for this: as a registered user you have all your preferences synced across your devices.

• CHRONICLE LIVE AND PERFORMANCE OF THE GAME: You can not watch the game on TV? No problem: follow it second by second, and stay updated with our LIVE commentary.
 • TRAINING AND HEAD TO HEAD: Do you want to know the formations before the game begins? We have them in preview. Just as we have the previous head-to-head between the two teams, to know how to direct clashes in the past are over.
• STANDINGS LIVE: A goal can mean a lot. Our live charts will show you if a goal scored has moved the standings and how it has affected the scorer.

Football, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball and other sports 25.
You do not see here your favorite sport? Do not worry – constantly expanding our range of sports!

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/y0Jrwi


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