Resultados – Live results 30 sports and 5,000 leagues and competitions around the world.


Live results 30 sports and 5,000 leagues and competitions around the world.

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Stay connected to everything you love most in the world of sport. With app, you’re always a touch away results TO LIVE faster, statistics, classification tables and drawings and switchings of about 30 sports and more than 5,000 national and international competitions.

• BROAD COVERAGE: we cover about 30 sports and more than 5,000 competitions around the world. 1,000 of them only football!
• SPEED: as soon as a goal is scored, a red card is shown or one set comes to an end, you learn at the same time that the fans present at the game.

• TEAMS, MATCHES AND COMPETITIONS FAVORITE: Optimize your time and follow only the matches, teams and competitions that interest you.
• ALERTS AND NOTICES results, lineups, cards … you will not miss anything. Choose the games and let the app do the work.
• PERFECT TIMING: you usually range from desktop, tablet and mobile phone? Do not worry: registered users have access to your preferences synced across all devices.

• COMMENTS ON THE PROGRESS OF THE LIVING OF DEPARTURES: the game will not be broadcast on TV? No problem: follow the bids according to the second and enjoy our text comments LIVE.
• LINEUPS AND DIRECT CONFRONTATIONS: we offer escalations before the games begin. Also, you can check the performance of his team in recent direct confrontations against the opponent.
• CLASSIFICATION REAL-TIME: one goal can change a lot. Our LIVE leaderboards show whether there was any change in the table or artillery.

Soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball and other 25 sports.

He missed some form? This list may change soon, as we continually seek to expand our sports portfolio!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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