Meus Resultados – rapid and reliable results 30 5000 sports and competitions worldwide.

Meus Resultados

rapid and reliable results 30 5000 sports and competitions worldwide.

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They keep you in touch with all the sports you like. With MeusResultados app, you are at a distance of a touch to have the fastest possible information and LIVE results, stats, standings and pairings of close to 30 sports and more than 5,000 competitions worldwide.

• GREAT COVERAGE: We track close to 30 sports and more than 5,000 competitions worldwide. Only football, you can follow more than 1,000 different competitions!
• SPEED: When a goal is scored, assigned a red card, a set or period ends, you will know at the same time who are watching live.

• TEAMS, GAMES AND COMPETITIONS FAVORITE: Do not waste time and just follow your teams, games and favorite competitions.
• NOTICES AND ALERTS: Results, initial teams, red cards … You will not miss any of this. Simply select your game and waits for your mobile device notify you.
• KEEPS it successfully synced: Usas usually both your computer and your smartphone or tablet? We are prepared for this: as a registered user you will see your personal settings on all your devices.

• MONITORING OF GAMES AND STORIES LIVE: You will not be able to see the game on TV? No problem: The following second to second and keep you informed with our account to LIVE.
• TEAMS START AND DIRECT CONFRONTATION: Want to know what are the lineups before the game starts? We have that information. Also want to know the history of the results of direct confrontations between teams or players in contention? We also have all that information.
• RATINGS LIVE: A goal can change everything. Our live show ratings in real time the changes in the classification whenever a team scores a goal. also updated directly in the list of top scorers of each competition.

SPORTS we follow
Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball and 25 other sports.
Still missing your favorite sport on this list? This may change soon – we are continuously increase our offer!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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