Los mataos del padel Latest Version APK for Android

Los mataos del padel apk
Los mataos del padel apk

"The League Mataos". Players Padel, leisure and recreation. Los mataos del padel is offered by Upplication. Last Updated: November 30, 2016. Current Version: 12.0.0

In February 2012 a group of friends joined in order to take a few moments of Padel in the new open Padel Sport club called Gamarra, most of them did not even know they had a way Pala Paddle but good intentions and desire to learn they did the rest, the beginnings were only four players and gradually the family was increasing.
In August 2012 a crazy idea of ​​Antonio Martinez was seconded by Rafael Cabello and Javier Aranda which shaped and was born a first league from 12 Mataos (6 pairs) that began in the first week of September, that the first steps were given what is now known as “The League Mataos”.

From that beginning, we have always been concerned to extend the entry of more Mataos but we’ve always been a bit reluctant because of the logistical difficulty and maintenance of the League before Christmas 2013 we set out to expand the league in several pairs but never came to think to reach the number that have achieved today, 16 couples (32 Mataos).

January 2014 was the beginning of what we now know as the “League of Los Mataos” and “Cup” of Mataos, and who knows if in the not too distant future will expand and make them much larger locos Padel called “The Mataos Padel”


Los mataos del padel 2017

Download Los mataos del padel APK

Los mataos del padel for Android

Download Los mataos del padel for Android

Download Los mataos del padel APK for Android

Los mataos del padel 12.0.0 screenshot

Los mataos del padel screenshot 0Los mataos del padel screenshot 1Los mataos del padel screenshot 2Los mataos del padel screenshot 3Los mataos del padel screenshot 4

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