FlashScore Türkiye – 30+ sports, the fastest live scores app with the 5000 league and cup options.

FlashScore Türkiye

30+ sports, the fastest live scores app with the 5000 league and cup options.

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Take everything with you your favorite sports. flashscor application to Turkey with approximately 30 sports from around the world and more than 5,000 league / cup than is possible with the fastest LIVE scores, standings and just a touch of the match’re here.

• WIDE COVERAGE: approx 30+ sports around the world and more than 5,000 league / cup giving the score. Just more than 1,000 football league / cup can follow!
• SPEED: When goal, when the red card out, or when the set period ends, you will learn that the following match live simultaneously.

• FAVORITE TEAMS, AND LEAGUE MATCHES / CUPS: only waste your time and your favorite match, follow your team and your league / cup.
• NOTIFICATION AND WARNINGS: match results, team information, red cards … do not miss a thing. Simply select your game and follow the latest developments in your mobile device.
• SYNC: Sometimes the computer, the phone sometimes, and sometimes you using tablet? we are prepared for it: You can open a user account to synchronize your personal information and preferences to all your devices.

• FLOW AND MATCH LIVE Narration: Do not watch the match on television? No problem: Follow the match LIVE with our service and not miss a second of narrative development.
• STAFF AND H2H STATISTICS: rosters you want to know before a match? We report the team squad before the match. Also before the team can see the H2H Statistics of matches they play with each other.
• LIVE TABLES: A goal can change everything. Our case points score recorded live table shows that cause a change in the ranking; It also updated instantly scorers table.

Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball and other 25 sports.

Is not your favorite sport here? Soon he could add sports – sports are continually expanding upon our coverage!

See detail information: https://goo.gl/oFlb2p


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