Umpire Live Latest Version APK for Android

Umpire Live download
Umpire Live download

Umpire's clicker that lets everyone see the status of the game. Umpire Live is offered by SoftCP Inc.. Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version: 1.4

Umpire Live goes beyond the common umpire’s clicker by allowing the umpire to broadcast the data being entered. Baseball, softball and kickball umpires can use the app to enter balls, strikes, outs, base runners, keep score and manage a game clock. Players and spectators can use Umpire Live to see real time game information for as many as five games simultaneously.

Umpire Live is great for fields where no scoreboard is available, or for budget constrained leagues wanting to reduce expenses. It is great for tournaments and is an excellent way for leagues to report game scores.

What’s New

Score updates are now pushed to users when viewing games so that score updates are nearly in real time instead of a periodic poll. Localization in Spanish.


Umpire Live 2017

Download Umpire Live for Android

Download Umpire Live APK for Android

Umpire Live 1.4 screenshot

Umpire Live screenshot 0Umpire Live screenshot 1Umpire Live screenshot 2Umpire Live screenshot 3Umpire Live screenshot 4

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