ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt Latest Version APK for Android

ANGELN - Angelsport-Flohmarkt download
ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt download

FISHING – The free flea market app for fishing and anglers. ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt is offered by MY2SHARE UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Last Updated: November 29, 2016. Current Version:

FISHING – The free flea and Service app for fishing and amateur anglers.

Apps to make our lives easier, but too many apps spoil the broth. FISHING puts an end to the seller chaos. A single app that combines many other Search & Find apps.

No more looking for bargains for flea market products or services offers many apps; Stop the incitement of flea market to flea market on Saturdays and an end to flipping through magazines or looking at different online portals: Whether you need a new fishing equipment, flea market bargains are, a fishing club looking or just a nice Angel place Tip: fISHING check all that comfortable in a single app. This leaves more time for you and your hobby!

FISHING is free …

Download the app from the store down for free and install it on your smartphone or tablet,

ask your offers a free and include free add images,

sell, buy, exchange or give away without commissions, transaction fees or other costs. It incurring any additional costs either for the providers, nor for the viewfinder.

FISHING is ad-free …

Stop the pop up annoying ads in the app,

Stop the annoying advertising, newsletters, e-mail or SMS’e: FISHING sent no advertising, you just get the information on what you will get.

No expensive and elaborate payment system …

Payment systems are convenient but expensive to buy, in the administration and ongoing commissions. We waive such payment systems, but we also do not need to burden users with commissions.

We do not want to become dependent on providers of payment systems, and that would be associated with effort and cost that we would have to pass on to our users.

We protect your privacy …

FISHING need any personal data (except for your email address, we need to examine any double registration and in the event that a user has forgotten their password) and therefore can not store any personal information or disclose it to anyone.

FISHING needs no phone number from you, the communication between buyers and sellers work without within the app, from the first contact until the completion of the deal, the users can communicate within the app. Of course, the users can also exchange personal information and then communicate with other media, but it is then the responsibility of the partners themselves.


Offering things at the flea market, you no longer need and deserve not to mention money. Did you valuable tips you want to advertise a club, an event or offer other useful services? For you is the service area for your offer available.

Search the flea market or in the service area to do: In your area, at a certain distance or even across the country.

Memorize interesting offers on your watchlist … and then blow to.

Take this offer or interested in and clears the deal, everything. Within the app without having access to your phone book or your contacts

Choose the location or even the country where you want to place your offer.

Choose a language in which the app to talk to you, it will gradually be more languages ​​added to choose from in the app.



FISHING is tested and released from Android 4.4.x. Since there are more than 9,000 types of devices on the smartphone market and we could not test, there may be display problems on some devices. Login with us, so that we can deal with a solution.

Latest Updates

Fehler beim Hinzufügen von Kamerabilden behoben.

Angebot teilen: Du kannst jetzt mehrere Bilder des Angebotes teilen.

Mit der Option „Nachrichten erhalten“ wird das Angebot automatisch auf Deine Beobachtungsliste gesetzt (nur für Serviceangebote).

Du kannst wählen, wie andere Nutzer Dich kontaktieren können: Interner Chat, E-Mail oder Telefon.

Deine beendeten Angebote erscheinen in der Liste Deiner Angebote zuerst.

Vereine und gewerbliche Anbieter können ihre Stammdaten direkt im Profil ändern.


ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt 2017

Download ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt APK

ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt for Android

Download ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt for Android

Download ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt APK for Android

ANGELN – Angelsport-Flohmarkt screenshot

ANGELN - Angelsport-Flohmarkt screenshot 0ANGELN - Angelsport-Flohmarkt screenshot 1ANGELN - Angelsport-Flohmarkt screenshot 2ANGELN - Angelsport-Flohmarkt screenshot 3ANGELN - Angelsport-Flohmarkt screenshot 4

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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