TeMojo Team Center Latest Version APK for Android

TeMojo Team Center apk
TeMojo Team Center apk

TeMojo is an app for team management, team logistics, and member coordination. TeMojo Team Center is offered by TeMojo. Last Updated: November 28, 2016. Current Version: 3.1

TeMojo is an application for team and group management. The application’s focus is on team logistics, member coordination and team development. This management application will help with the day-to-day communication of your recreational or competitive sports team or group.

This application requires a TeMojo account.
Set your team up at temojo.com

Use this management app to keep track of your team with TeMojo’s Game and Practice Schedule, Player Roster, Messaging, Photos and many more features. This application allows you to update all of your team members on last-minute changes and cancelations with a few simple clicks. The Google Play app and the web app work great together to keep your team/group informed and running smoothly. The TeMojo team management system keeps all of your team members in the know, whether you’re on the go or at your desk. This application was developed with a strong focus on usability and simplicity. TeMojo is a management app that people find easy to use.

TeMojo is great for:
Select and Recreational Soccer coaches
Baseball managers and 3rd base coaches
Flag and Tackle Football teams
Hockey parents and grandparents
Softball team organizers and coaches
Basketball assistant coaches
It is basically great for any coach, manager, parent, member, or player of any team?

Features include:
* Team Information – modify virtually all of your team information in one place.
* Complete Roster information – view all team players and their contact info.
* Team Schedule – times, locations, field numbers for your games and practices at your fingertips. Create and edit team events and games in a flash!
* Player Availability – See who’s available for upcoming events. Change your player’s availability
* Refreshments – assign refreshment duty for games and team parties
* Photos – upload photos during or after the game and then share them with friends and family.
* Team communications — email or text the entire team. Send and receive last minute changes right to your phone.

What’s New

* Added new Task feature to allow team users to volunteer and signup for needed game or event tasks through the app. Code and bug fixes to improve functionality and performance.


TeMojo Team Center 2017

TeMojo Team Center APK

Download TeMojo Team Center

Download TeMojo Team Center APK

TeMojo Team Center for Android

Download TeMojo Team Center for Android

Download TeMojo Team Center APK for Android

TeMojo Team Center 3.1 screenshot

TeMojo Team Center screenshot 0TeMojo Team Center screenshot 1TeMojo Team Center screenshot 2TeMojo Team Center screenshot 3TeMojo Team Center screenshot 4TeMojo Team Center screenshot 5

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