Fangol – From the football pitch to Internet!


From the football pitch to Internet!

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All the things that cause laugh and tears in football gathered in one app. is nothing but football. The most famous and freshest goals in GIFs, touching clips with tricks, saves, free kicks, controversial offsides, fouls or dives. Outstanding, hilarious football memes and football pics that will precisely tell the story that has just happened during the match. Curiosities, anecdotes, news, stats related to football. Finally app publishes valuable blogs about football equipment and training. The whole content is served in user friendly and short format. Join the biggest football community in Poland. Become Fangol user, comment and share your opinion about all the biggest events in the world of football.
• We offer official app of one of the biggest football web sites in Poland –
• Check daily outstanding and freshest news, gifs, goals, football memes and pics
• Read blogs about football
• Become smarter football fan by checking our football anecdotes, stats, facts and quotations
• Comment and join our discussion around the published content
• Share our football content with your friends via Facebook or sms
• Save the best content on your phone

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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