Tuttocampo – Calcio – The application of reference of the Italian amateur football!

Tuttocampo - Calcio

The application of reference of the Italian amateur football!

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All amateur football in Italy … and beyond!

Tuttocampo allows you to have on hand results, standings, scorers, roses, news and everything you know about all the football teams of Italy, from Serie A to the third category, through youth leagues, women’s, soccer 5, amateurs and smaller tournaments.

There are numerous features that we offer:
☆ results, with the possibility of real-time insertion and consultation
☆ Charts, divided into various types
☆ game board with markers, formations, comments, videos and pictures
☆ Markers
☆ Rose teams
☆ All information on the teams, including pictures and interactive map of the area
☆ All information on players
☆ Ability to insert team logos and player pictures
☆ News on championships
☆ Favorite teams
☆ Real-time Notifications on teams that follow results
☆ Bot teams and players
☆ Historical archive of previous seasons

You can interact with our services thanks to the functionality of entering results, even in real time!
Sending the results of the match of your team you can have a real-time service and up to date.

A simple and effective system of notification allows you to be informed on the results: Choose one or more teams, and as soon as the results of these will be updated will notify you.

You do not know where is the field of a team? No problem! You can click on the name of each team to get detailed information on it: from the field plan to colors, from the logo to the telephone numbers! Also just a click to start the browser and get right to the playing field.

You can purchase the Premium version of Tuttocampo that allow you to use the app without the presence of banner ads.

For each region you will find the data of these championships:
• Series D
• Excellence
• Promotion
• First Category
• Second Category
• Third Category
• Junior National
• Junior Regional and Provincial (not in all regions)
• Students Regional and Provincial (not in all regions)
• Juniors Regional and Provincial (not in all regions)
• 5-a-side football
• Female
• Amateurs

In addition we provide the data of the major national championships:
• A league
• B series
• Pro League

The application relies on the site tuttocampo.it

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/8Ozcke


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