Sport-ii Lite Latest Version APK for Android

Sport-ii Lite apk
Sport-ii Lite apk

With Sport-ii you can enter and check your sports results. Sport-ii Lite is offered by Edgar Voss. Last Updated: November 26, 2016. Current Version: Sport-ii

Using Sport-ii the requirements of sports programs – like Geman Sports Badge (Deutsches Sportabzeichen) – can be displayed and own results can be added and stored to the requirements.

It is possible to add as many persons you want. Each person need the date of birth and the sex to display the right requirements. Sports programs can be loaded to smarphone or table PCs and used offline (without an active internet connection).

After selection of a sports program the requirements for the selected person can be displayed. For each requirement the results of the selected person can be stored.

Sport-Ii calculates the overall result for the sports program and show whether the person has already passed the test.

Requirements a person doesn’t want to do can be hidden to increase the usability of Sport-Ii. This doesn’t effect the passing of a test, all entered results are kept and can be displaxed again.

Results can be exported to use them in other programs. They can also be imported again. for example if they have been entered on an other device.

Sport-Ii is vailable in three version:

Sport-Ii Lite, Sport-Ii Pro and Sport-Ii Spec. The Spec(-ial) version has not been published yet.

Currently the German Sports Badge (DSA) up to 2012, for 2013, 2014, 2015 and from 2016 are available.
A Cooper Test is also available.
The value for Athletics of IAAF are available since Version of August, 14th 2014 (Decathtlo, World or European Athletics Championships)
The Basis Fitness Test (BFT) of the German MIlitary (Bundeswehr) is available with different calculation for athletics older than 36 years and women and men.

Additional sports programs can be added if required.

What’s New

Version 4.5.0 11/26/2016

– Add Groups- and Disiziplin-Filters in Examiner Input (EIP)

– switch between Person and Discipline ad primary Select method in (EIP; Use Person-Button)

– Write changes in EIP into file in Sport-ii directory

Version 4.3.2 – 09/10/2016

– Examiner Input: Additinoal new Persons can be added and will be exported

*) Completely available in Sport-Ii Pro


Sport-ii Lite 2017

Sport-ii Lite Sport-ii screenshot

Sport-ii Lite screenshot 0Sport-ii Lite screenshot 1Sport-ii Lite screenshot 2Sport-ii Lite screenshot 3Sport-ii Lite screenshot 4Sport-ii Lite screenshot 5Sport-ii Lite screenshot 6Sport-ii Lite screenshot 7

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