Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer Latest Version APK for Android

Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer download
Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer download

Saddle Adjust by is here to put all saddle problems in the past. Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer is offered by Bike Computer Co.. Last Updated: November 25, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.1

Feeling a bit experimental with your saddle but you are afraid to try something new so you won’t mess up its current setting? Or you might have bought a new saddle for your bike, and don’t know how to adjust it to your old favorite position?

Saddle Adjust by is here to put all these problems in the past. It allows you to save all your favorite saddle positions and take pictures of them. Afterwards when you are feeling like reverting to some of these settings, you can just select one from the list and apply it, no need for any other equipment except your smart phone. Customizing your saddle has never been easier!

We invite you to visit, ride with locals and meet cyclists all around the world!

What’s New

Bug fixes.

Stability and accuracy improvements.

New partnership with Check out the links for more info.


Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer 2017

Download Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer APK for Android

Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer 1.1.1 screenshot

Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer screenshot 0Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer screenshot 1Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer screenshot 2Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer screenshot 3Saddle Adjust by BikeComputer screenshot 4

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