Revista Líbero Latest Version APK for Android

download Revista Líbero apk
download Revista Líbero apk

Football / Nostalgia / Style / Culture / Stories. Revista Líbero is offered by Mikel Areitioaurtena. Last Updated: November 25, 2016. Current Version: 4.6

The Libero magazine is a new look that combines football culture, design and journalism with passion the most popular sport. With a quarterly edition: one copy for each season.

Libero wants to bring the football fan social reflections, the pleasure of a careful presentation of the product and a preferred space for sports literature, from the hand of large firms.

Along with our ‘app’, please download free sample pages of our first issue and purchase our copies to almost half price at the kiosk.

cultural magazine
Writers, artists, journalists and photographers share Libero vision and passion for the ball. Among the collaborating firms of the first issue, Antoni Daimiel, Joaquin Estefania, Luis Garcia Montero, Enric González, Manuel Jabois, Julio Maldonado ‘Maldini’ and Andrés Neuman.

Football without yelling
Libero is an independent project of large publishing groups; a football magazine that is the passion for this sport without shouting tasteful and depth.

Libero Web Magazine:

Latest Updates

Corrección de bugs y mejoras de rendimiento.


Revista Líbero APK

Download Revista Líbero

Download Revista Líbero APK

Revista Líbero for Android

Download Revista Líbero for Android

Download Revista Líbero APK for Android

Revista Líbero 4.6 screenshot

Revista Líbero screenshot 0Revista Líbero screenshot 1Revista Líbero screenshot 2Revista Líbero screenshot 3Revista Líbero screenshot 4Revista Líbero screenshot 5Revista Líbero screenshot 6Revista Líbero screenshot 7Revista Líbero screenshot 8Revista Líbero screenshot 9Revista Líbero screenshot 10Revista Líbero screenshot 11Revista Líbero screenshot 12Revista Líbero screenshot 13Revista Líbero screenshot 14Revista Líbero screenshot 15Revista Líbero screenshot 16Revista Líbero screenshot 17Revista Líbero screenshot 18

Revista Líbero apk video

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