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Panenka download
Panenka download

Football is read. Panenka is offered by itbook. Last Updated: November 25, 2016. Current Version: 4.6

Football is read.

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01.A “Panenka” likes football stories out of space in the mainstream media: stories of human beings who won and lost. Above all, they lose.

02. “Panenka” wants to tell stories even though the protagonists are playing in the Turkish Cypriot league and no eyebrows depilated. In fact, better if they were bearded, they played in the Soviet League and listened vinyls 1977 Rolling clandestinely.

03.En “Panenka” passionate about football’s ability to transport us to other countries and other times. Society, culture and politics of the ball bounce to the beat.

04. “Panenka” does not cooperate with the dictatorship of the present, the hackneyed agenda and obvious, repeated and politically correct issues.

05.Sentimos an intimate and burning passion for football, but we will quiet the fan in all of us when we write. Journalism club, party or company already has its place in the kiosks. But not in ‘Panenka’.

06. “Panenka” makes no effort to conceal the yawns in banal press wheels or responded to questionnaires on autopilot.

07. “Panenka” is not part of any media group. He was not born in a skyscraper after a group of executives detected a “niche market”; It is the result of talks bar journalists. Several hundred bottles of beer attest.

08.De fact, “Panenka” do not even know what a “niche” but it sounds fatal.

Absolute 09.Libertad: signatures, issues of journalistic genres and extension. “Panenka” knows no limits or (self-) censorship.

10. “Panenka” is a modest madness shared by dozens of journalists, writers, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers. Also for some players and coaches. The folly of believing that football deserves another language and other aesthetic.

11. “Panenka” is watched our childhood poster from the wall. The player who wanted to be in the yard. The goal that got into dreams. “Panenka” is a utopia that gives us the illusion of pure football.

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Panenka APK

Download Panenka

Download Panenka APK

Panenka for Android

Download Panenka for Android

Download Panenka APK for Android

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