Soccer Team Tracker Latest Version APK for Android

Soccer Team Tracker apk
Soccer Team Tracker apk

Soccer Stats Collection, Team Management & Reporting for the Modern Soccer Coach. Soccer Team Tracker is offered by Padraig Gill. Last Updated: November 24, 2016. Current Version: 2.72.9

Soccer Team Management, Soccer Stats Collection & Soccer Match Reporting for the Modern Soccer Coach

Soccer Team Tracker is an app to aid the modern soccer coach to prepare for, collect soccer stats on, and analyse soccer (football) matches. The app uses several simple screens to organize and collect data for soccer stats recording and reporting match performance.

The app is designed to help the soccer coach manage their soccer team and collect soccer stats but also allows the soccer coach to ;
Add players to and delete from the squad
Track players using squad numbers
Add and edit games to the database
Share match information by email
Pick a team from the squad list for the selected game
Share the Soccer Coach’s formation by email
Select one of 14 basic formations
Choose from 7-a-side to 11 a side formations
Quickly choose your line out
Track playing time for all players
Allows the Soccer Coach to swipe through previous team selections
Collect detailed soccer stats from an extensive predefined list
Collect statistics on the opposition
Compare team performance V opposition using collected statistics
Track the location on the pitch of shots on goal
Tweet the score during the game
Allows the Soccer Coach to add to 10 of their own custom soccer stats
Gives the Soccer Coach in match real-time soccer stats
Reporting that includes breakdown of both game and custom soccer stats
Generate custom reports from collected statistics
Specify up to 86 statistics in the custom reports
Allows the Soccer Coach to email detailed reports for multiple games/players/stats
Reporting that also includes e-mailing of reports and soccer stats
Automatically generate links to match videos uploaded to YouTube

Latest Updates

2.72.9 – 2-3-3 formation added. Latest SDK & build tools used.


Soccer Team Tracker 2017

Download Soccer Team Tracker APK for Android

Soccer Team Tracker 2.72.9 screenshot

Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 0Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 1Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 2Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 3Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 4Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 5Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 6Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 7Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 8Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 9Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 10Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 11Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 12Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 13Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 14Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 15Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 16Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 17Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 18Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 19Soccer Team Tracker screenshot 20

Soccer Team Tracker apk video

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