MyPetzl Light Latest Version APK for Android

download MyPetzl Light apk
download MyPetzl Light apk

MyPetzl Light: control your Petzl connected headlamps. MyPetzl Light is offered by Petzl. Last Updated: November 24, 2016. Current Version: 0.54

(Connected headlamps available from July 2016)

Easily customize the performance of your Petzl, REACTIK + or NAO + headlamp, thanks to their Bluetooth® Smart functionality. Instantly and at any time, you can check the remaining burn time, activate a preset profile or one fully customized to your activity, and adjust your lamp’s brightness.

• Get real-time information on your lamp’s status:
– battery charge level
– remaining burn time
– the headlamp profile currently active

• Create your own lighting profiles or choose from among the Petzl presets: multiactivity, trail running, trekking, mountaineering, backpacking… Several lighting levels available for each profile, depending on your activity and needs.

• Enter LIVE mode!
– to control the headlamp from your mobile device with Bluetooth® Smart
– for real time adjustment of brightness and burn time

• Emergency light signal: in case of emergency, compose a brief message on your smartphone, which the lamp converts to a light signal. Useful when there is no cell reception!

Latest Updates

New VTT profile

Increase the scanning time during pairing process

bugs correction


MyPetzl Light 2017

Download MyPetzl Light APK for Android

MyPetzl Light 0.54 screenshot

MyPetzl Light screenshot 0MyPetzl Light screenshot 1MyPetzl Light screenshot 2MyPetzl Light screenshot 3MyPetzl Light screenshot 4MyPetzl Light screenshot 5MyPetzl Light screenshot 6

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