IndyStar Colts XTRA – Indianapolis Colts covers all the latest news from The Indianapolis Star.

IndyStar Colts XTRA

Indianapolis Colts covers all the latest news from The Indianapolis Star.

IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 0IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 1IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 2IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 3IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 4IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 5IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 6IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 7IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 8IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 9IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 10IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 11IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 12IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 13IndyStar Colts XTRA screenshot 14

Indianapolis Colts coverage from The Indianapolis Star has never been better. Here we have all the latest news, headlines, opinions, live game coverage, photos, videos, tweets, scores, stats and rosters for the Indianapolis Colts – all in one place, brought to you by the authoritative source of local Colts coverage, The Indianapolis Star.

With exclusive columns by Gregg Doyel, analysis by IndyStar’s Colts team, live shows and photo and videos, the IndyStar Colts App is your one-stop shop for all coverage of the Colts.

Our users are our priority and we greatly value your feedback. We take every review and suggestion into consideration when designing our apps, but we cannot answer reviews. Please reach out to us directly at

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