FUSSBALL.DE – Amateur football on a professional level!


Amateur football on a professional level!

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All your football news for amateur football right in the overview with the soccer app of FUSSBALL.DE

All features at a glance:
➤ many details about the week more than 27,000 football matches in Germany
➤ latest football news about your club, whether lineups, game play with goal scorers, tool changes and more
➤ football results, standings and more from the district league, league, Regional to Bundesliga
➤ A modern layout guides you through your breaking news Amateur League
➤ load your own photos up to your match and represent your club
➤ Discover our live ticker, which is already available for many games and pursue the game almost in real time
➤ Choose from an extensive list of football clubs Your favorites and is always on the latest football results informed
With the official app of football FUSSBALL.DE you experience amateur football on a professional level!

All news about amateur football
————————————————– –
Want to get the latest news to your amateur football league and the possibility always on your leagues to date to be?
Whether on the couch at home or from the sidelines, with the FUSSBALL.DE football app you will receive a full-blooded footballer with passion and fan of soccer amateur league date insights into tables, results, game histories, restraining orders, goals and much more.

Your access to statistics and current results
————————————————– –
The app provides information on the week from more than 27,000 football games in Germany, the most important thing to Regional and Co. While you’ll receive exclusive insight into DFB news, schedules, game histories, restraining orders, standings, results and much more.
Adding football clubs to your favorites, to be better informed of the leagues (county league, league or Regional, etc.).
So if you have a staunch supporter, the innovative operating concept of FUSSBALL.DE leads you to all relevant DFB News your amateur league. This will help you find results for Children Statistics and current amateur football.
Your portal for amateur football
————————————————– –
FUSSBALL.DE offers you the latest info from Kreisklasse, Kreisliga, county league, district league, division, league, Regional, Futsal and women’s football. FUSSBALL.DE is your first port of call for amateur football results and the portal for fans, friends and members of amateur football who want rather than just reporting.

Live Scores
————————————————– –
For a lot of games we already offer a live ticker, which provides you with football results and current statistics in real time. Find out if your club is also supported.
amateur football as the foundation of the German Soccer Sports
————————————————– –
In 26,000 clubs with over 165,000 teams the foundation for successful professional football is placed. This form particularly active and ambitious amateur football players and their fans the district league Oberliga through to the Regional base of Football Germany. Download the App to be part of it and to be a part of amateur football.

Your opinion counts
In addition to the most important news of the DFB amateur leagues, we want to offer you even more, which is why we want your opinion is always important. Because we are constantly working on further developments, technically and editorially. If you notice something or so you should have new ideas to improve your experience, please do not hesitate and mail us at: service@FUSSBALL.DE.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/nnLPSG


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