Wiva Run App PRO Latest Version APK for Android

Wiva Run App PRO download
Wiva Run App PRO download

Improve the performances by optimize biomechanics in Run. Wiva Run App PRO is offered by Letsense Group. Last Updated: November 23, 2016. Current Version: 1.9.2

Train your running technique with Wiva Run App it means to analyze specific biomechanical parameters in order to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.
The control of the pelvis simmetry and of the movement of the center of mass helps to optimize the energy expenditure and to increase your running effectiveness.

Your running, your story
Start a new running or consult your data in the database.
You can start immediately with the preset goals or can enter the customized ones. With Wiva Run App you get at last the chance to record the significant biomechanical parameters of your performance; check your results, correct your mistakes, rejoices of your progresses!

Choose the type of training and the location for your Wiva device; Wiva Run App helps you to control your running, highlighting the deviations from the targets set by mean of its algorithms.

Positioning the Wiva device on the instep, you will have: FOOT STRIKE, FOOT SUPPORT TYPE, STRIDE, SPEED/TIME, STEP/DISTANCE.

The result of the functional assessments
At the end of your performance, Wiva Run App shows the result of the functional analysis with:
• the total percentage reached to each of target parameters;
• the percentage reached for each biomechanical parameter

Positioning Wiva sensor on L5 (above the buttocks), Run App will give youe: L and R STANCE, L and R SWING, L and R STEP, STRIDE RATE, DURATION STRIDE, CONTACT TIME, DOUBLE FLY.

Visual evaluation of the data in real time
During the performance, Wiva Run App shows the main measured values, alternating them every few seconds on the main screen of the smartphone, while in the lower secondary section of the screen the data are filed.

Your story
Your training sessions, once completed, are recorded and become part of your story while remaining accessible and comparable each other. On the home screen you can find the overall percentage of the target achievement and swiping the overall graphic.

Comparison of your training sessions
Wiva Run App allows you the immediate comparison between your sessions; in your story, select the two running performances that you want to compare and tap “compare”.

What’s New

Optimized table layout in live for galaxy

Fixed percentage and foot targets

Added time format of pace in live

Improved distance calculation in live table

Improved pace calculation in live table

Fixed stop command for some device


Wiva Run App PRO 2017

Download Wiva Run App PRO APK

Wiva Run App PRO for Android

Download Wiva Run App PRO for Android

Download Wiva Run App PRO APK for Android

Wiva Run App PRO 1.9.2 screenshot

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