Speedpilot Pro Latest Version APK for Android

download Speedpilot Pro apk
download Speedpilot Pro apk

App for classic and sport oldtimer uniformity rally. Speedpilot Pro is offered by Filippo-Software. Last Updated: November 23, 2016. Current Version: 2.44.1

************** Speedpilot Pro *************

This App is suitable for classic oldtimer uniformity rally.
Speedpilot indicates the average speed not only with nummeri but visually also like a semaphore.
So it is easier to understand if it is in average speed or not.
The clock displayed above the odometer, is synchronized with the GPS signal.

Display of semaphore:
Red -> = above average
Red <- = below average
Green = on average

App works:
1. enter the average speed before
2. press the button “Start” or the Volume keys DOWN or UP (+ -).

Functions Menu:
* Settings : thus, the number of seconds for the tolerance to change
* Satellites: shows visually the number of GPS satellites you use

I am grateful for any comments and feedback, because this could only help to make this app better.
For problems or questions please contact me via e-mail.

Supported languages:
German, Italian, English

Latest Updates

Error, when you do a mean change on the shortlist, solved.


Speedpilot Pro 2017

Speedpilot Pro APK

Download Speedpilot Pro

Download Speedpilot Pro APK

Speedpilot Pro for Android

Download Speedpilot Pro for Android

Download Speedpilot Pro APK for Android

Speedpilot Pro 2.44.1 screenshot

Speedpilot Pro screenshot 0Speedpilot Pro screenshot 1Speedpilot Pro screenshot 2Speedpilot Pro screenshot 3Speedpilot Pro screenshot 4Speedpilot Pro screenshot 5

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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