Shooters Diary Latest Version APK for Android

download Shooters Diary apk
download Shooters Diary apk

Shooters diary helps competition shooters to perform better. Shooters Diary is offered by KVSmartSoftware. Last Updated: November 23, 2016. Current Version: 1.47

Shooters diary is a tool to help a shooter to perform better.
The main reason to use the shooters diary is for feedback, a record that tells you how you performed.
Shooters diary provides a record of practice and competition scores. More importantly, it helps you analyze your shooting so you know what you are doing right and help you correct the problems.
Keeping a diary is one of the best ways to improve target shooting scores.
Anyone who is serious about target shooting uses a diary, why don’t you?

Targets supported:
10m Air Pistol
7.5m Air Pistol
10m Air Rifle
25m/50m International Pistol
25m Sport Pistol
50ft Slow Fire B-2
50ft Rapid/Timed Fire B-3
20yd Slow Fire B-4
20yd Rapid/TimedFire B-5
50yd Slow Fire B-6
25yd Rapid/Timed Fire B-8
25yd Slow Fire B-16
NRA SR 200yd
NRA SR 300yd
NRA SR 600yd
100m Rifle
200m Rifle

Latest Updates


New features

Improved selection of dates in analysis.

You can now change the user for an earlier session.

You can now sort earlier sessions.


Shooters Diary 2017

Download Shooters Diary APK

Shooters Diary for Android

Download Shooters Diary for Android

Download Shooters Diary APK for Android

Shooters Diary 1.47 screenshot

Shooters Diary screenshot 0Shooters Diary screenshot 1Shooters Diary screenshot 2Shooters Diary screenshot 3Shooters Diary screenshot 4Shooters Diary screenshot 5Shooters Diary screenshot 6Shooters Diary screenshot 7

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